The Learning Curve needs you…

Local charity, The Learning Curve is looking for volunteers to help research the positive impact of community learning on those with low level mental health concerns.

They are interested to hear from people suffering from difficulty sleeping, regular anxiety and low level depression to take part in FREE community courses such as cookery, yoga, crafting and well-being sessions to name but a few. The courses are designed to be creative and practical to help build confidence and self-esteem.
The charity is taking part in the National Community Mental Wellbeing Research Project.
It is well known that the majority of the population experience difficulty sleeping, regular anxiety and low level depression at some point in life.

Rachel Loxston, Head of Operations at The Learning Curve said:
“We regularly see the positive impact community learning has on a wide range of people with low level mental health concerns and we are really excited to be involved in this national research project to identify which types of community learning courses are the most effective at improving mental health and wellbeing. The results of this project will be used to inform future funding decisions so this is a great opportunity for local people to influence national policy whilst taking part in some practical and creative courses.”

The Learning Curve would also love to hear from any existing groups that think their members would be interested in getting involved in this valuable research as there is the potential to tailor courses to meet the specific needs of the group.
To find out more about this research and the range of courses on offer, contact The Learning Curve on 01225 792500.