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List of Access Keys Used

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Using your keyboard to navigate our site
We have adapted our web site to support keyboard commands, known as Access Keys, to navigate to the main areas of the site.

Access keys make navigating websites easier, both for screen readers and for those comfortable with using the keyboard to navigate around a website:

  • Internet Explorer - hold down the ALT key, press one of the access keys, then press the Enter key
  • Firefox (Windows) - hold down the ALT and SHIFT keys, then press one of the access keys
  • Firefox (Mac) - hold down the CTRL key, then press one of the access keys
  • Chrome (Windows) - hold down the ALT key and press one of the access keys
  • Chrome (Mac) - hold down the CTRL and OPT keys, then press one of the access keys

People with limited or no vision
This website makes use of features such as multiple style sheets and access keys, which help make navigation easier for people with little or no vision who may be using a screen reader.

If you have poor sight or limited vision there are several things you can do to make the screen easier to read. Increase or decrease the text size through the Text Size links to the right or use your browser settings:

  • Internet Explorer - on the menu bar, select View | Text Size and select the required size, or use the Zoom menu to select a zoom level
  • Firefox - select View | Zoom | Zoom In, you can also select to Zoom only the text
  • Chrome - select the spanner icon at the top right of the window, under Zoom, select + or - (minus) to zoom in or out

Changing the Contrast or Colours
By selecting the links under Page Style to the right, you can adjust the contrast and/or colours to make viewing easier. If you have dyslexia it may help to use different colours to make the text more readable.