Quality / Performance

Learning Curve SAR (Self Assessment Report)

Preparation and research for Learning Curve’s annual Self Assessment Report (SAR) takes place between August and December. The SAR is then published on 31 December.

Learning Curve were inspected by Ofsted in October 2012 and following publication of the report, were awarded Grade 2 (Good). Reports can be viewed on the Ofsted website.

The inspectors reported that The Learning Curve was highly and successfully focused on meeting the learning needs of its targeted groups, including notably hard-to-reach sectors of society and those previously disaffected or disengaged from education. They noted that learners’ achievement rates for the last year are high and generally at rates significantly above comparable national averages.

Quality Governance

Quality Sub-committee: Learning Curve's quality is monitored by the Quality Subcommittee. A selection of Learning Curve Trustees form the Quality Subcommittee. The Quality Subcommittee meets three times a year. The meetings are minuted.

Quality Team: Quality assurance and monitoring is undertaken by the Quality Team. The Quality Team meet every month (with the exception of August and December). The meetings are minuted.

Learner Feedback, Comments, Complaints

The Learning Curve welcomes all feedback, comments or complaints. The Learning Curve also welcomes appeals from learners who are experiencing difficulties with the assessment process of their course or with anyone within that process.

Please see our Feedback page for how to send us your feedback, comments, complaints and appeals. Go to Feedback Page