ACASsearch for term
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service - - aim to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations
Accountable Body search for term
An organisation that is held accountable for the spending of a significant amount of public funds.
ACEVOsearch for term
Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
ACLsearch for term
Adult and Community Learning
ACTORsearch for term
Approved College and Training Organisation Register - replaces QPF (Qualified Provider Framework). Used by the Skills Funding Agency for procurement, allows colleges and training organisations that have registered to be considered for new contracted provision without the need for individual tenders. Now replaced by the "Register of Training Organisations"
AELPsearch for term
Association of Employment and Learning Providers
AGMsearch for term
Annual General Meeting
Aim (Overall)search for term
The overall aim is the same as the Mission.
Aims (Specific)search for term
Particular changes or differences the project or organisation plans to bring about for its users.
ALSsearch for term
Additional Learner Support
ALSsearch for term
Additional Learning Support
AOCsearch for term
Association of Colleges
AP(E)Lsearch for term
Accreditation of Prior (Experimental Learning)
Assessment methodssearch for term
Instrument chosen to assess a given outcome e.g written test, skills test, observation of learner performance, reports and questioning.
Assessment recordssearch for term
Documents used to record the outcome of an assessment, e.g an organisation proforma or observation report.
Assessorsearch for term
The person making a decision as to a candidate's competence.
Asylum Seekersearch for term
Person fleeing state persecution/violence in their country, seeking refuge and safety in another country
Baselinesearch for term
A measurement that is taken at the start of an initiative, usually in statistical terms, e.g. number of people in a local area who are unemployed. The initiative can then be measured as to how effective it has been at impacting the baseline measure.
BCSsearch for term
British Computer Society - Chartered Institute for IT
Benchmarksearch for term
A standard of achievement that a project has already achieved, which it can compare with other achievements (of its own or of other projects).
Benchmarkingsearch for term
Systematic comparison of performance and processes. E.g.:  measuring what you do  comparing your organisation to others  identifying gaps in performance – ‘fail’ points where the expectations of internal or external customers are not met  looking for new ways of reducing those gaps by learning from others  putting the new ideas into practice  reviewing the benefits of what you have done.
BISsearch for term
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
BME (or BMC or BOME)search for term
Black and Minority Ethnic,or Black and Minority Communities, or Black and Other Minority Ethnic
BSCsearch for term
British Safety Council
BSLsearch for term
British Sign Language
C&Gsearch for term
City and Guilds
CABsearch for term
Citizens Advice Bureau
CAFsearch for term
Charities Aid Foundation. An independent charity providing products and services to charities in the UK and internationally.
CAFsearch for term
Common Assessment Framework (Social Services)
Capacity Buildingsearch for term
Empowering activity that strengthens the ability of VCOs to build their structures, systems, people, and skills so that they are better able to:  define and achieve their objectives  engage in consultation and planning  manage projects  take part in partnerships, social enterprise and service delivery.
Capacitybuilders search for term
A sector-led agency at arm's length from government, responsible for managing ChangeUp funds, strengthening accountability and sector ownership of the ChangeUp programme, and ensuring its benefits to frontline organisations.
CEOsearch for term
Chief Executive Officer
Certificate in Educationsearch for term
Teaching qualification for those teaching at post-16 or further / higher education level. Does not qualify for teaching in schools. Replaced by DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector)
CESsearch for term
Charities Evaluation Service
CFOsearch for term
Co-Financing Organisation. Public Sector intermediary organisation
Charity Commissionsearch for term
The body that regulates registered charities in England and Wales.
CICsearch for term
Community Interest Company - an organisation wishing to become a CIC must have aims and undertake activities that are ‘for the benefit of the community’. This means it exists to benefit the wider community rather than for individual private gain or to promote the interests of a small group of people. CICs are designed to be businesses governed by company law so they cannot register as charities.
CIFsearch for term
Common Inspection Framework. Informs all Ofsted inspections. Sets out the judgements inspectors will make and principles that apply during inspections of Further Education and skills providers.
CIOsearch for term
Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Community Cohesion search for term
The aim of various community cohesion initiatives are to appreciate and celebrate diversity between people in local communities, promote understanding and reduce hostilities.
Community Development search for term
Building active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect. It is about changing power structures to remove the barriers that prevent people from participating in the issues that affect their lives. It promotes the active involvement of people through sharing power, skills, knowledge and expertise.
Compact search for term
An agreement between a public sector body and the voluntary sector. Following the development of a national compact, local authorities, health authorities and other public sector agencies are developing local compacts stating how they will work in partnership with voluntary sector groups.
Company Limited by Guaranteesearch for term
A company limited by guarantee does not have shares or shareholders, and cannot distribute profits. Instead it has members, who may pay a subscription and are each liable for a limited sum if it is wound up (the guarantee). The members elect a board, or committee, or directors, and can remove them but the board has day-to-day control.
Compliance search for term
A Compact always includes undertakings (commitments, promises) on both sides and sometimes joint ones too. Compliance is about following and carrying out these undertakings along with the mechanisms (such as mediation or the Ombudsman) for resolving disagreements or alleged breaches.
Consultation search for term
A two-way process by which an organisation (typically a government department or local public body) seeks views to check whether proposals are right and supported, gauge their impact and identify alternatives before decisions are made. This means options can be properly appraised in advance of policy or service changes or new laws being made. The Compact Consultation Code sets the framework for genuine, meaningful and timely consultation with the sector.
Core Costssearch for term
An organisation’s central costs including administration, rent and some staff salaries.
Core Funding search for term
Funding needed to meet Core Costs.
Cost-effectiveness search for term
Comparison of costs and results.
CPDsearch for term
Continuous Professional Development
Critical Path Analysissearch for term
Logical sequence of steps needed to go through to complete a task.
CVSsearch for term
Council for Voluntary Services - a local charitable organisation whose purpose is to support and help develop voluntary and community action in its area. A range of names can be used including those that omit council but include Community Action or Voluntary Action alongside the place name.
DBSsearch for term
Disclosure and Barring Service
DDAsearch for term
Disability Discrimination Act
Diagnostic assessmentsearch for term
The assessment methods used to discover strengths and weaknesses in a learners work and determine future action
DWPsearch for term
Department for Work and Pensions
E-learningsearch for term
Electronic learning - learning which is supported or enhanced through the application of information and communication technology.
E-learning onlinesearch for term
Electronic learning via an internet or intranet.
ECMsearch for term
Every Child Matters
EFAsearch for term
Education Funding Agency
EHCPsearch for term
Education, Health and Care Plan
EHRCsearch for term
Equality and Human Rights Commission. Replaces the commission for Racial Equality, Disabililty Rights Commission and Equal Opportunities Commission. The Commission is the independent advocate for equality and human rights in Britain.
Enterprise Zones search for term
Designated zones in deprived areas where businesses can get certain exemptions to encourage them to locate themselves there.
EOsearch for term
Equal Opportunities
EQAsearch for term
External Quality Assurance contact who is appointed to ensure that all assessments undertaken within centres are fair, valid, consistent and meet the required standards.
ESAsearch for term
Employment and Support Allowance
ESFsearch for term
European Social Fund.
ESOLsearch for term
English for Speakers of Other Languages.
ETFsearch for term
Education and Training Foundation
European Social Fund (ESF) search for term
European funds are designed to support programmes aimed at promoting enterprise and employability, as a way of reducing social exclusion.
FAAsearch for term
First Aid Awards
Faith Groupsearch for term
These often reflect ethnic diversity. Whilst worship, is central for most faith based groups, many run community services and represent community interests.
FAQssearch for term
Frequently Asked Questions
FCDLsearch for term
Federation for Community Development Learning
FEsearch for term
Further Education
Floor Targetssearch for term
Minimum standards set by the government for improvements in deprived areas, covering five areas: unemployment, crime, education, health and the environment.
FOIsearch for term
Freedom of Information
Formative assessmentsearch for term
On-going assessment carried out throughout a programme of learning.
Frontline Organisationssearch for term
VCOs working directly with the public, or particular target groups or communities.
FTEsearch for term
Full Time Equivalent
Full Cost Recoverysearch for term
Full costs are the direct costs of your project or service plus a relevant portion of organisational overheads. The process by which voluntary groups delivering public services are expected to be able to cover all their costs (including a proportion of Core Costs).
GLHsearch for term
Guided Learning Hours - the number of hours of teacher-supervised or directed study time required to teach a qualification or unit of a qualification.
Governance search for term
The systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation
Government Offices in the Regions (GO)search for term
An office of central government in each region with responsibility for applying/administering certain central government policies in the region.
HEsearch for term
Higher Education
Health Action Zone search for term
Partnerships between the NHS, local authorities, community and voluntary sector groups aimed at tackling health inequalities.
Health Compact search for term
A term used in a very few areas for a Local Compact between typically just the Primary Care Trust and the sector prior to agreeing separate Compacts involving another public body or drawing up one involving all of them.
HLFsearch for term
Heritage Lottery Fund
Housing Association search for term
Non profit landlords providing housing to people in housing need. Housing Associations registered with the Housing Corporation are given the official title – Registered Social Landlords (RSLs).
HRsearch for term
Human Resources
HSEsearch for term
Health and Safety Executive
IAGsearch for term
Information, Advice and Guidance
Ice breakerssearch for term
Fun and light-hearted ways of introducing learners to each other.
ICTsearch for term
Information and Communications Technology
IiPsearch for term
Investors in People
ILPsearch for term
Individual Learning Programme (see also Action Plan)
ILRsearch for term
Individual Learner Record
ILTsearch for term
Information and Learning Technology - the use of information and communication technologies to support learner activities.
infrastructure organisationsearch for term
An organisation which offers support to voluntary and community groups and/or social enterprises. Also referred to as umbrella or support organisations.
Initial Assessmentsearch for term
A way of ascertaining learning styles. Assessment methods used to discover strengths and areas for development in a learner's work and determine future action. A means of measuring a learner's ability, eg a literacy test.
IQAsearch for term
Internal Quality Assurance - appointed by a centre to ensure that all assessments undertaken within the centre are fair, valid, consistent and meet the requirements of the standards.
ISOsearch for term
Infrastructure Support Organisation
ISPsearch for term
Internet Service Provider
JCPsearch for term
Job Centre Plus
JSAsearch for term
Job Seekers Allowance
KPIsearch for term
Key Performance Indicator. Measure set to monitor progress against objectives.
LAAsearch for term
Local Area Agreement. An agreement between a local authority and its partners and government around outcomes, indicators and targets for work in that geographical area
LEAsearch for term
Local Education Authority
Learning Outcomesearch for term
A statement of what a learner can be expected to know, understand or do as a result of a process of learning.
Learning Stylesearch for term
Particular way in which an individual prefers to learn e.g visual, aural, kinesthetic
LEPsearch for term
Local Enterprise Partnership - replaces the RDAs (Regional Development Agencies), partnership between local authorities and business to promote local economic development. From a white paper published by the coalition government in October 2010.
LGBTsearch for term
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
LIOsearch for term
Local Infrastructure Organisation
Local authoritysearch for term
The locally elected body responsible for government in a county, city or district and which can also mean parish and town councils, all of which should all be signed up to a Local Compact.
Local Compactsearch for term
A Compact, modelled on the national Compact, designed and agreed to by public bodies and voluntary and community organisations for a local or county area.
Local councilsearch for term
The locally elected body responsible for government in a county, city or district and which can also mean parish and town councils, all of which should all be signed up to a Local Compact.
Local Government Association search for term
The organisation that represents local councils in England and Wales.
Match Funding search for term
The process by which certain funders will only fund a percentage of the total costs of a project (e.g. 50%) and require the remainder to be matched with income from other funders or in-kind donations.
Memorandum and Articles of Association search for term
Companies limited by guarantee have a legal document called the Memorandum and Articles of Association instead of a constitution.
Mentoringsearch for term
Mentoring is the long term passing on of support, guidance and advice. In the workplace it has tended to describe a relationship in which a more experienced colleague uses their greater knowledge and understanding of the work or workplace to support the development of a more junior or inexperienced member of staff. This comes from the Greek myth where Odysseus entrusts the education of his son to his friend Mentor.
MEPsearch for term
Member of the European Parliament
Milestone search for term
A well-defined and significant step towards achieving a target, output, outcome or impact, allowing one to track progress.
MISsearch for term
Management Information System
Monitoringsearch for term
Monitoring is about collecting information that will help you answer questions about your project. It is important that this information is collected in a planned, organised and routine way. You can use this information to report on your project and to help you evaluate.
Moodlesearch for term
Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Open source e-learning software platform designed to help educators create online courses.
MPsearch for term
Member of Parliament
NCVOsearch for term
National Council of Voluntary Organisations. Overall umbrella body for voluntary organisations with a strong focus on national voluntary organisations/charities
NEETsearch for term
Not in Education, Employment or Training. Refers to young people under 19.
Neighbourhood Renewal Areasearch for term
One of England’s 88 poorest local authority areas receiving substantial extra government funding in which there must be sector involvement in policy and project delivery, along with a Local Strategic Partnership
NOMSsearch for term
National Offender Management Service
NOSsearch for term
National Occupational Standards - describes what a person needs to do, know and understand in a job to carry out the role in a consistent and competent way.
OFSTEDsearch for term
Office for Standards in Education
Organisational Development search for term
Development and reinforcement of organisational strategies, structures and processes for improving an organisation's effectiveness.
OTLAsearch for term
Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment - planned observations of teaching sessions as part of on-going quality monitoring.
OUsearch for term
Open University
Outcomes search for term
The changes, benefits, learning or other effects that result from what the project or organisation makes, offers or provides.
PCTsearch for term
Primary Care Trust - a local statutory organisation, often called the PCT, with wide responsibility for the delivery of health services through GP surgeries, clinics and centres. Further information:
Public Bodiessearch for term
All local statutory public sector organisations including the local authority; primary care trust, other health trusts, emergency services, learning and skills councils, colleges, connexions, etc. The national public sector comprises government, non-departmental government bodies (NDPBs) and various other statutory bodies. All public bodies operating at national or regional level should comply with the national Compact and any local branches (e.g. job centres) should also be involved in Local Compacts. (See also Statutory bodies).
Public Lawsearch for term
Public law is the set of legal principles governing the exercise of power by public authorities. Public law remedies are those procedures by which citizens can challenge the fairness or legality of their decisions. They include judicial review in the High Court, and also non-court based procedures, such as ombudsmen schemes and complaints procedures.
Public Service Delivery search for term
Where a voluntary or private sector organisation delivers a service that is paid for by a public sector body.
QCFsearch for term
Qualification and Credit Framework - designed to provide an inclusive and flexible regulated framework containing units and qualifications that recognise a wide range of quality assured learner achievements.
QTLSsearch for term
Qualified teacher learning and skills framework
Qualitative Informationsearch for term
Information about the nature of the thing someone is doing, providing or achieving.
Quality standards search for term
A set of statements about the quality of a service that can be verified and measured as part of monitoring and evaluation processes.
Quango search for term
Acronym for ‘Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation’. These are part of central government but operate at arm’s length from it. Examples include the Charity Commission and Health and Safety Executive.
Quantitative Information search for term
Information about the number of things someone is doing, providing or achieving, or the length of those things, or the number of times they happen.
RARPAsearch for term
Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement
Regional Assembly search for term
A regional body in each of the 8 English regions (except London) which scrutinises the work of the Regional Development Agency. In London, this is done by the Greater London Authority.
Registered Charity search for term
Organisations that have charitable purposes can register with the charity commission to become a registered charity, a legal status strictly governed by charity law.
Ring Fencing search for term
The process by which money within a larger fund is kept aside for a specific purpose.
Risk Analysis search for term
Systematic assessment of the threats or vulnerabilities which may affect any aspect of VCO’s business, including the likelihood of occurrence, potential severity of impact and mitigation measures needed.
RoSPAsearch for term
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
ROTOsearch for term
Register of Training Organisations
SARsearch for term
Self Assessment Report. Required report for all providers of government funded training. Links to Common Assessment Framework.
Second Tier Organisations search for term
See Infrastructure Organisations
SFAsearch for term
Skills Funding Agency. Oversees the distribution of funds to the FE sector for adults and skills and manages performance of FE colleges
SfLsearch for term
Skills for Life. Also known as Basic Skills. Refers to skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT.
SKiLDsearch for term
Skills and Knowledge for Local Development. NAVCA project which supports development workers in infrastructure organisations
Skills analysissearch for term
Breakdown of a task/job into its component skills (sometimes known as task analysis)
Skypesearch for term
Software application that allows users to make voice calls over the internet.
SLAsearch for term
Service Level Agreement
SMARTsearch for term
Specific, measurable, achieveable, realistic, time bound
Social Capital search for term
The degree of social cohesion in communities. Refers to processes between people that establish networks, norms and social trust, and facilitate co-ordination and co-operation for mutual benefit.
Social Enterprisesearch for term
A business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners. Social enterprises can include; consumer cooperatives, mutuals, housing associations, trading arms of charities, worker and consumer co-operatives, community businesses, development trusts, social firms, intermediate labour market projects and social businesses.
Social Entrepreneurssearch for term
Individuals who are instrumental in setting up or running social enterprises
Social Exclusionsearch for term
The term used to describe people or areas that suffer from multiple disadvantage, e.g. in areas of unemployment, high crime, low incomes and poor housing.
Social Regeneration search for term
The term that differentiates social aspects of regeneration such as from economic dimensions of regeneration.
SORPsearch for term
Statement of Recommended Practice
SoWsearch for term
Scheme of Work
SSCsearch for term
Sector Skills Council - body responsible for formulating and reviewing occupational standards for a specific sector across the UK, and supporting the development of Units and qualifications based on these standards. Employer-led, independent organisation licensed by government.
Stakeholders search for term
People with an interest in the organisation. Includes internal stakeholders such as staff, volunteers, or management committee members, as well as external stakeholders such as users, funders etc.
Statutory Bodies search for term
Organisations created by Acts of Parliament which define their powers and duties.
Statutory Servicessearch for term
Services that a public sector body is required by law to deliver/provide.
Summative assessmentsearch for term
An assessment made to determine the final level of achievement. Often done by a final test or examination.
Sure Start search for term
An initiative that aims to improve children’s life opportunities by funding projects that work with parents and parents-to-be in deprived areas.
Sustainabilitysearch for term
Continuation of benefits after major assistance ends. The probability of longer-term benefits. Or, the process whereby an organisation moves from short term funding for their activities to more dependable funding.
Sustainable Communities Plansearch for term
The plan for developing urban areas in the UK that people will want to live in.
Sustainable development search for term
A process of development that allows economic growth without damaging the environment or natural resources.
Third Tier Organisation search for term
Infrastructure organisation which supports other infrastructure (or ‘second tier’) organisations.
TLCsearch for term
The Learning Curve
TNAsearch for term
Training Needs Analysis (or Assessment). involves the systematic identification of the skills and knowledge required by an organisation/individual compared with an ‘inventory’ of existing skills and knowledge. A TNA enables the identification of training needs.
ULNsearch for term
Unique Learner Number
Umbrella Organisations search for term
Can refer either to membership bodies or federations, or more loosely to infrastructure bodies.
Unincorporated Association search for term
The law looks on an unincorporated organisation as a collection of individuals, which means it cannot in its own right:  hold property  enter into contracts  take part in a lawsuit.
VACSRsearch for term
Valid, authentic, current, sufficient, reliable
VARKsearch for term
Visual, aural, read/write, kinaesthetic
VCOsearch for term
Voluntary Community Organisation
VCSsearch for term
Voluntary Community Sector
VCSEsearch for term
Voluntary and Community and Social Enterprise
Voluntary and Community Infrastructure search for term
The support structures in place at a local, regional and national level for voluntary and community organisations.
Voluntary and Community Sectorsearch for term
The name used to describe organisations that are neither public or private sector. Voluntary organisations are typically larger and unlike community organisations may not be rooted in one individual local community.
WBLsearch for term
Work Based Learning
WEAsearch for term
Workers' Educational Association
White Paper search for term
Statement of policy issued by government. White papers often form the basis of new legislation, and are usually preceded by a consultative green paper.
Workforce Development search for term
The process of developing the skills and knowledge of paid staff, volunteers and trustees and board members, underpinned by good management and good employment practice. It also includes work to attract new people to work in the sector so it can flourish and grow.
YOTsearch for term
Youth Offending Team