Policies & Model Documents


Documents organised alphabetically on main subject (e.g. Equal Opportunities, Volunteer etc.)

 Communication - Example policy statement on employee communications and involvement (NCVO - May 2008)

 Data Protection Policies (LASA Knowledgebase - May 2008)
"When organisations become aware of their responsibilities under the 1998 Data Protection Act, they often ask if there is a standard or model policy they can adopt. Unfortunately, there isn’t.....So instead of providing a model policy, this article looks at the sort of things a Data Protection policy might need to cover, and gives some suggestions for how you might work out for your organisation what needs to be in it. Links to some background resources are also provided."

 Example of a Data Protection Policy (Lambeth College - May 2008)
Lambeth College's Data Protection Policy - it can be useful to see how other organisations have approached the issue.

 Data Protection - Online data protection and privacy policy (NCVO - May 2008)

 Equal Opportunities - Sample equal opportunities monitoring form (NCVO - May 2008)

 Equal Opportunities - Creating an equal opportunities policy (NCVO - May 2008)

 HR Bank (NCVO - September 2009)
HRBank has recently been updated - we have added 48 new policies and Job Descriptions since September 2009. The HRBank is a collection of human resources policies and job descriptions donated by voluntary and community organisations, which are available for organisations to amend and tailor to their own needs. You can request job descriptions and policies from HRBank using our online form. Since we manually email policies and job descriptions, please allow up to ten working days for us to respond to your request.

 Recruitment - Example policy statement on recruitment (NCVO - May 2008)

 Training - Example training policy (NCVO - May 2008)

 Vol Resource Policies and Procedures Checklist

 Volunteering - core themes (Volunteering England - May 2008)
Volunteering England's Good Practice Bank. Extensive range of information, including Overviews, Articles, Examples, Model Docuements, Case Studies and Publications. Organised under headings of Core Themes: Volunteer Policies, Recruitment, Creating Volunteer Roles, Expenses and State Benefit, Induction and Training, Support and Supervision, Retention, Health & Safety, Problem Solving, Protection of Vulnerable Clients, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Legal issues and volunteering, Resources for volunteer managers and co-ordinators. Each Core Theme has an Example section which includes a range of Model Documents/Templates/Examples.

 Whistle Blowing & Data Protection. (London's Network of Networks - May 2008)
Includes downloadable documents and model policies for Data Protection.

Model/Sample Documents & Templates

Documents organised alphabetically on main subject (e.g. Equal Opportunities, Volunteer etc.)

 Administrative Assistant - Sample job description (NCVO - May 2008)

 Appraisal - Sample performance appraisal form (NCVO - May 2008)

 Child Protection Policy Template (Sport England)
A template to tailor to your own needs

 Consultancy - Sample contract for services or consultancy (NCVO - May 2008)

 Employees - Sample terms and conditions for fixed-term employees (NCVO - May 2008)

 Employees - Sample terms and conditions for permanent staff (NCVO - May 2008)

 Employees - Model recognition and procedural agreement between employer and union (NCVO - May 2008)

 Finance Workers - Model Job Descriptions (NCVO - May 2008)
Job descriptions outline the key responsibilities and duties of the various roles and the skills desirable for in potential finance workers. Various finance related job descriptions provided.

 License agreement (model document) (NCVO - May 2008)

 Project Strategy Document (Sweet TLC - September 2008)
A useful tool to help you get agreement and firm committment with others from the outset of your project

 Project Outline Template (Sweet TLC - September 2008)
A useful project management tool.

 Trustees - Model jobs descriptions for Trustees (NCVO - May 2008)

 Volunteer Policies (Volunteering England)
This Core Theme of the Good Practice Bank contains a number of resources and links to help you with developing or updating a volunteer policy, handbook or agreement. It is complemented by all the other Core and Specialist Themes which provide more detailed information on specific topics.

Other Templates

 Business & Marketing Plan Templates (Business Balls - May 2008)

 Putting together a Business Plan (Making the Net Work - May 2008)

 5 Steps to Risk Assessment (HSE)