ladder4learning believes in the value of individual and organisational learning and training and aims to support the development of a learning culture in the sector throughout the region.

People learn in different ways and ladder4learning is keen to promote and facilitate ALL modes of learning.

In addition to training courses, workshops and conferences, an extensive range of alternative modes of learning are available, including Action Learning, Coaching, Distance Learning, E-learning, Mentoring, Reflective Learning, Research, Support for Learners and Team Building


Legislative Information

 Raising Participation Age (2012)

Functional Skills

 Functional Skills Briefing Sheet (ladder4learning 2010)

Support for Learners

 Dyxlexia - breaking down the barriers to learning briefing Sheet (Ladder4learning 2010) 

 Dyslexia - breaking down the barriers to learning briefing sheet plain text version (ladder4learning 2010)

 Exeter CVS Pea Pods Pea pods is a learning support website, not to be confused with an E- Learning website. Pea pods does not work as a stand alone learning website. The site has been developed to support the face to face learning opportunities and annual learning programme provided by Exeter CVS for the voluntary and community sector in and around Exeter.(Exeter CVS)

 Example of a Learner Handbook (U-Too)

Work Place Learning 

 Employer Engagement with Higher Education Defining, Sustaining and Supporting Higher Skills Provision. (HLS Report produced from a research project that was undertaken by the University of Exeter to identify and evaluate existing good practice within the South West in work-based learning and employer engagement.)

Barriers to Learning 

 Barriers to Training and Skills Development in RURAL AREAS (The SLIM Learning Theme Bulletin) 

Learning Styles - what type of learner are you?

 How we learn, what kind of thinker are you quiz? (BBC - Ready to learn)

 What kind of learner are you? (Campaign for Learning)

 Understanding your own learning style (University of Southampton)

 Learning styles - a simple table of questions (Chaminade College Preparatory)

 Index of learning styles and self test (Material Science & Engineering website)

 Teaching Methods (Everything ESL.net)
How to teach to different learning styles

Alternative Modes of Learning

 Real ways of learning (Creating Excellence)

Group Learning

 Help on how to set up a Learning Group (The Learning Revolution)

Action Learning

 Action Learning - an introduction (Voluntary Arts Network (VAN))
Action Learning - an introduction

 Action Learning in the Sector (Action Learning for Managers (ALM))
How Action Learning has worked in the voluntary/community sector

 Resource Pack (National Association of Council for Voluntary Services (NACVS))
A resource pack on Action Learning

Coaching and Mentoring 

 Coaching and Mentoring Briefing Sheet (ladder4learning) 2009

 About Mentoring & Befriending (Mentoring & Befriending Foundation)
The national body for Mentoring & Befriending

 De-mystify coaching & mentoring (The Coaching & Mentoring Network)
A Web-based service which aims to de-mystify coaching and mentoring services and make them more accessible for people in both the business and broader communities

 Introductory guidance (The Chartered Institute of Personal Development)
A factsheet with introductory guidance about Coaching and Mentoring

Distance Learning

 eLearning in the voluntary sector: Learning Technology benchmark for the charity and voluntary sector." (Learning Consortium /Towards Maturity 2010) survey results

 Online/Distance Learning Briefing Sheet (Ladder4learning, November 2009)

 Supported Open Learning from the Open University (The Open University - April 2007)
Clear and concise information about what distance learning is and how it is "delivered" by the Open University.

 What's on offer from the Open University (ladder4learning - June 2008)

 National Extension College
A not-for-profit organisation to help people of all ages fit learning into their lives.

 Distance Learning at University of Wales, Lampeter (ladder4learning - June 2008)
An information sheet produced by ladder4learning about distance learning courses for volunteers, employers and employees in the voluntary sector.

Electronic (online or CD Rom)

 On-line scenarios from Voluntary Matters 3

What is an on-line scenario?
In these on-line scenarios, you are presented with a challenging situation and a choice of three options of how to act. You chose one option, which opens up a number of other options, and so on, until you reach an outcome. When you reach an outcome, go back and choose other options to see the effect of your different choices. Going back to a point where you can make alternative decisions may mean going back a few levels or back to the beginning, depending on where you are in the scenario. The scenario gives you the opportunity to try out different ways of dealing with challenges, without having to test them out in real life! While some approaches may be better than others, there's rarely one correct answer. The purpose is to see the effect that your actions would have.

 Motivation - motivating volunteers

 Vision - motivating volunteers

 Diversity - managing diversity

 Decision Making - inclusivity

 Conflict Management

 Risk - assessing and managing risk

 What is E-learning? (Learning Light's E-learning Centre - April 2007)
This page provides links to some very general resources on e-learning to help you understand what it is and its potential in education and training. Items listed in order of entry with most recent first and featured resource at the top of the list.


 Reading efficiently (Andy Gillet, University of Hertfordshire)
How to read efficiently - written for Uni student but useful for all

 Reading intelligently (Mind Tools)
Reading efficiently by reading intelligently


 Readability (NIACE)
How can you be confident that you are writing at a level that is appropriate for your audience? NIACE have been working with Professor Colin Harrison at Nottingham University to develop a new tool, which is now on the NIACE website that will help you to establish the "readability level" of any text instantly. There is also a downloadable leaflet which will help you to interpret the readability score given, and provide more information about how to present text so that it is easier to read.

Research Skills

 Research Skills (BBC March 2007)
On-line tutorial on research skills using books, journals and the internet.

Team Building

 Team Building Activities & Ideas (BusinessBalls - April 2007)
Techniques, theory and ideas for designing and using your own team building games, exercises and activities, includes free team building games, exercises and activities.


(Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement in Non-accredited learning)

 RARPA briefing sheet (June 2010)

 RARPA A Value Added Toolkit to support the Recording and Recognition of Progress and Achievement (RARPA) in Non-accredited learning. (NIACE)

 Examples of practice - RARPA (LonCett)