Data Protection

 Briefing sheet - Data Protection Act 1998 (ladder4learning)

 Plain English Guide to Data Protection The Information Commissioner's Office issued in December 2009 a plain English guide to data protection, with an explanation about each of the eight data protection principles and practical examples of how they apply in practice.

 ICO Data Protection Good Practice Note for Charities and Marketing
This guidance explains what charities and voluntary organisations need to do to comply with Data Protection Act 2008 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 when carrying out their marketing activities.

 LASA, ICT Security Practical guidance for the community and voluntary sector
Clearly ICT security is essential — not just in relation to data protection, but to protect all of your organisation's information. The 34-page Computanews guide to ICT security, published in October 2009, is essential reading for all organisations. It covers how to assess the risks and policies needed, how computer security is affected by people and by the environment in which it is used (including public access computers and homeworking), specific steps to secure assets (everything from passwords through to end point security and the end of the computer's life), and checklists for assessing and dealing with risks.