The Learning Curve is governed by an executive management board and the Selwood Housing Group board. As an independent charity it also has its own small trustee board. 

The executive management board provides oversight and scrutiny to monitor performance, set policies, approve future plans and checks progress against the strategy and the standards that we should be meeting.  It proposes the annual strategy to the Selwood Housing Group board for approval.

The Selwood Housing Group board sets the strategic direction, ensuring that we continue to raise standards and strive for excellence in everything we do. 

The executive management board is made up of :

Barry Hughes, Selwood Housing Group Chief Executive. Barry is responsible for the overall running of the Selwood Housing Group.

Sue Eley, Selwood Housing Group Finance Director. Sue is responsible for the finance, ICT and procurement teams which work across the Selwood Housing Group, she is also the company secretary.

Rebecca O’Neil, Selwood Housing Group Enterprise Director. Rebecca has responsibility for The Learning Curve as well as the team which provides marketing and communication to the Selwood Housing Group.

Ria Bristow, Selwood Housing Group People Director. Ria is responsible for the HR and health and safety functions across the Selwood Housing Group.

Rachel Loxston, The Learning Curve’s Head of Operations. Rachel leads the day to day running of The Learning Curve.


Barry Hughes
Started 18th May 2016
Barry Hughes is in charge of the overall organisation. He is responsible for making sure that it runs smoothly and that we deliver the targets and plans set by the board of directors. He manages the leadership team and has direct responsibility for our customer support, neighbourhood services, development and enterprise teams.
Barry graduated from Cambridge University with a maths degree.  He trained as a management accountant and worked in media for 10 years. He later became finance director for Metro Newspaper and the Evening Standard.

Margaret Haylock
Started 12th September 2016
Margaret has extensive knowledge of business administration, human resources and health & safety from working in the NHS and with the local authority in Essex. She takes an active role in the selection and appointment of board members to the group and has achieved a post-graduate diploma in human resource management (CIPD). Margaret is vice chair of the Group remuneration and governance committee and a tenant of Selwood Housing


Sue Eley
Started 12th September 2016
Our head of finance, Sue Eley, is responsible for budgeting across the business to ensure we have the finances available to reach our goals. Sue is currently covering the role of group finance director. Caroline Bee is covering the head of finance role